It really is all about the small things 

Purse Meets Diaper Bag

God never ceases to amaze me.

In the midst of the chaos that is being a parent, God always finds a way to remind me of what a blessing it is to have that chaos.

I am so thankful for all those moments that God makes sure I’m not distracted and I am able to fully process what a beautiful blessing it is to be a mom.

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work I heard our oldest daughter tell her Papa she wanted him to read her a book. I could hear my husband reading a book about what to expect when the baby comes home. It was one of those “I’m a big sister” books. I smiled as I listened from the restroom where I was getting ready and as I finished up and walked into the bedroom I stopped in my tracks. There was my…

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In Through the Roof, Out Through the Door: Mark 2:1-12; Matt. 9:1-8; Luke 5:17-26 (how I would say it)

i believe in miracles

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Jesus went back home to Capernaum a few days later, and word got around quickly that he had returned. People found out where Jesus was and mobbed the place to the point it was standing room only with people spilling out the door. While he was teaching, four men rolled up carrying a paraplegic friend. They figured there was no getting to Jesus from the ground, so they climbed up on the roof and dug a hole through it. They lowered their friend down on the mat he was lying on.

Jesus took note of their effort and he granted the paralyzed man a full pardon of all past wrongdoing, saying, “You have a clean slate starting today.”

Some law professors who were sitting in the crowd thought to themselves, Who does this guy think he is? Only God can pass that kind of judgment. Does he think…

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A very true issue in our day to day life.Society really puts people into categories forgetting that they are humans and not political issues.This post really spoke volumes to me about the things we overlook each day.


You saw gold and I saw clay

But you call me blind because all you saw was the flashes before your eyes.

I may be wrong but that doesn’t make you more right.

We live in a world where you either have to tow a line or stay in your seat If you decide to stand aside, you become like that hair that you always try to fix in your ponytail;it never lies down.


Everybody was shouting and basically rooting for their ‘teams’ in a lecture hall, as students of a Spanish literature class were waiting for their ‘profesora’ to arrive.And the reason for these shouts was not something you would think students who had a test the next day would argue about.Not forgetting that Profesora Nyra marked with iron hands.

It was simple. Was the wearing of crop tops (the bralette kind) appropriate for lectures or not? The battle…

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Please don’t even start.Don’t try to justify anything that’s going on right now.

I see it every where and it’s in my face all the time.Why are you pushing me? Why are they pushing us?

I can’t fit into that box.It’s not for me.Why are they telling me that I have to have a crop top hang loosely on me to be beautiful? That my thigh gaps must be as wide as the spaces in between the bars on a prison gate! That my lips should be full and round like the bottom of a new born baby!

When I look into the mirror I cannot see who I am…I see who I am supposed to be. And I am now chasing after the wind…..trying to catch it and put it in my box.You are forcing round pegs in square holes.

So many girls and boys today have lost themselves in the maze of trying to fit in.On social media,in the streets,in our schools the society is pushing them to the wall to forget about who they are and morph into something else.

We have run away from our true selves, the original copy and are walking around like carbon copies of celebrities.

But today I want to call of us who have left ourselves and are on this path to come back home!


My exact thoughts!


This is like the………hmm! Okay I don’t remember!

Its become like my anthem,a chant I try to convince myself of every time.And I know you do that too.

Don’t look away….I’m staring right at you. You are doing the very same things..I know I said it yesterday and as I say it today you are rolling your eyes but you are just as guilty.

I said “No! Not this time!”

The pencil broke and I screamed. I may or may not have looked like a total idiot but I quickly grabbed my books and walked out of the library avoiding the glances coming my way.

Yes! Go on and say it. Open your mouth and cover it with your hands for a dramatic effect.I screamed in a library of all places.

But I was so done when my pencil broke.I had been working on this art piece for a while…

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Everyone reacts differently to all kinds of situations.Your embarrassing moment might be another’s moment of encouragement.And the rate at which we get over things differ from one person to the other.

People like to go around tell others to stop crying over spilt milk especially when it comes to relationships.The question is were you in the relationship with him or her?Did you feel what she felt when ever he made her smile? And did you feel the pain in her heart when she saw him cheating on her?

Why do people have to put a time frame on the grieving of other people.The heart is not something you can tell to stop feel and it just does unless we are vampires who can turn off our humanity switch.

It is a step by step process as I know.It could take months or even ears.Some pain never go away.The person may be putting in a lot of effort to smile and move around normally.So if one day she laspes back into that mood you have no right to make him or her feel bad about it.The best thing is to give unending support to that person.

Some may write songs to get over their pain and others may talk about it.Some may shut people out and others may become extremely out going.But whatever it may be it is not our place to judge these situations.

Let them stay stuck in the mud long long enough to wash of all the mud off their feet before they drop the mud all over the carpet.


Basically,I feel like I am unstable in a very strange way.At some point in life,I feel like I hate guys. Like they annoy me and I cannot stand the sight of them. (No offense to any guy out there)

On other days mention boys and I am like ‘Meh!’.Its like I couldn’t be bothered or care less about them.

Then on some days I cannot stop gushing and admiring their cuteness or how hot they look.Its like I have this love hate thing when it comes to guys.Am I the only one who feels this way.

So I sometimes wonder how marriage will be like.Waking up to the same face every single day.I hear people saying that love is enough to help you face this issue.But does that really work in reality?Will I wake up one day suddenly feeling annoyed by whoever is lying next to me on the bed?

It’s like I just don’t get how this whole thing of marriage comes together.People tell me,when you fall in love you will understand.Does love suddenly take away all your fears and insecurities? Does love have the power to keep you spellbound that you can actually step into the unknown.

My mind swings like vines when I think about all these issues.So many of my friends claim they are in love and have found the right one.Can someone please explain to me how thta feels like?Do you feel a fire burning in your heart or knees go weak?

These are the thoughts of a confused young lady.